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The Office Application allows Administrators to analyze and run reports on virtually any information stored in JMC. In addition, the Online Software allows information to be easily shared throughout your school. This page contains videos and documentation that are designed to help Administrators learn about the tools you have to disseminate information effectively to your staff.

If you are looking for an overview of how to use the Office program a good place to start is the Office Intro instructional videos.  You can view these videos in their entirety or skim through them to find out how to find student's information, look up parent contact information, email parents etc...

Another great way to get an overview of the JMC Student Information System is to visit the New Clients page. The tabs at the bottom of that page give a brief explanation of each module.

Click on the following links to view the instructional video:

Predetermined Reports
There are about 100 predetermined reports inside JMC. Each module has reports that are specific to that module. Typically, these reports are accessed under the Reports menu in each module.

Student Lists
You can create, save, print, and export almost any report you would like in the Office Program with the Student Lists function. This function is found in Attendance: Student Lists. This function allows you to print almost any information stored in JMC for a group of students with up to 8 selection criteria. This information can be saved, edited, printed, or exported and imported into third party spreadsheet programs. Click here to watch the Student Lists instructional video.

The Online modules are not modules on the main screen of the Next Gen Office Application; rather, they are separate web applications. Please note that any of the Online modules that deal with Student Grades, Progress Reports, and Lesson Plans can only be accessed if teachers are using the Online Teacher application.

Online Parent
This allows parents to view information about their students including Progress Reports, Report Cards, Attendance, Lesson Plans, Lunch Balances, and Lunch Purchases, in addition to having the ability to view and edit their demographic information.
Online Student
This allows students to view information about their progress including Progress Reports, Report Cards, Attendance, Lesson Plans, and Lunch Purchases. Also, the student can utilize the course registration page where they choose their own courses and submit them to the office. This saves the office staff time by not having to hand-enter courses for every student.
Online Teacher
This allows teachers to access their student grading data from a web browser and may be accessed from anywhere you may have internet access such as a home computer or mobile devices such as an iPad, as well, thereby accessing the same data that they use while working at school (provided that the school district allows such access from outside the school building). JMC Online Teacher software also allows teachers to:
 keep track of student grades on assignments, tests, quizzes, projects, etc.
 calculate and submit term (semester, quarter, trimester, hex) grades
 calculate and submit midterm grades
 create seating charts
 generate progress reports
 generate lesson plans
 submit and view student daily attendance
 submit and view lunch counts
 view student health information
 view student standardized test scores
 view student contact information
 view student demographic data
 send email to students and/or parents

The Discipline module allows you to easily maintain and report discipline violations and consequences. Student violations and consequences are totally customizable so you can set up fields to fit your school’s situation. You are also able to attach hand-typed comments to each discipline record to have even more flexibility in your discipline tracking records.

Teachers can send discipline referrrals from the Online Teacher application.  These referrals can be used to generate discipline records at the discretion of administrative personnel.

The Discipline module contains reports that allow you to track an individual student’s discipline status or to look at violations or consequences across the entire student body.

Our discipline module has been updated recently.  An instructional video for this update should be available soon.

You can also use the Discipline documentation to guide you. Click here to download the Discipline documentation.

If you are a new administrator you can learn how to use the office program by completing the following steps. 

  1. Watch Instructional Videos Administrators use JMC to varying degrees so it will be necessary to consult the descriptions below to choose which instructional videos to view.
  2. Explore the Office Program after you have watched the instructional videos to gain familiarity with the program.
  3. Download and review the Starting the 2015- 2016 School Year Checklist This checklist is the tool every school office should use to make sure they are starting the school year correctly. This lays out all the steps that need to be taken to start the school year in a simple-to-understand and easy-to-follow format. Click here to download the Starting the 2015-2016 School Year Checklist.
  4. Make yourself familiar with the Administrators user page. As we add new features to JMC, resources for these features will be listed on this page if they are applicable to Administrators.
  5. Download pertinent documentation by going to the Documentation page.       
  6. If further training is needed two options are offered to you from JMC:
  • The tech support line can answer any question you have Monday - Friday from 8:00 - 4:30 CST. The phone number is 800.524.8182.
  • You can set up hands-on web training where a JMC trainer can work with you over the phone and view your computer, with your permission, to go over any questions you have. Click here to download a training request form and fax it to us at least two weeks prior to the day you are requesting training.


Instructional Videos Click on the name of the instructional video to view the video.

1. Office Intro Videos If you are new to JMC and want a good starting point, the Office Intro videos are the place to start.  These videos will give you an overview of the most important aspects of the Attendance module, such as working with student information, parent information, mailing labels, user privileges, emailing parents and much more.

2. Online Modules and Data Mining Two of the most important tools we have available for administrators are the online modules and the student list function, also know as data mining. It is recommended that administrators understand both of these features.

  • Online Parent Access/Intro to Online Modules All of the online modules allow administrators, office staff, teachers, parents and others to view and disseminate student grading information efficiently.
  • Student Lists JMC has about 100 predetermined reports already set up for you. We also give you the ability to create your own reports with the Student Lists function. These 100% customizable reports are also exportable to a text file so you can import them to a spreadsheet program to work with the data.


Optional Videos Some administrators feel that the videos listed in #1 and #2 (above) give them enough information to work with the Office program. Here are some other instructional videos you may find helpful.

3. Introduction to Discipline The Discipline module allows you to easily maintain and report discipline violations and consequences. Student violations and consequences are totally customizable so you can set up fields to fit your school’s situation. You are also able to attach hand-typed comments to each discipline record to have even more flexibility in your discipline tracking records.

4. Introduction to Transcripts Learn how to edit, print, and work with student transcripts.

5. Period Attendance If your school has the teachers taking daily attendance in their classroom via JMC's CAE (Classroom Attendance Entry) it is important for you to become familiar with the process. This instructional video with give you a complete overview of the Period Attendance module.

6. Scheduling We have many resources available for you for Elementary and Middle School scheduling and High School scheduling on the Secretary/Office Professionals page under the Schedules tab. Please review those resources by clicking here to go to the Secretary/Office Professionals page. 

7. Adding/Dropping Students Currently there is no instructional video for Adding and Dropping students but Student Enrollment is very important for any school that receives state funding because that funding is typically tied to student enrollment. At this time the Secretary/Office Professionals page has a tab dedicated to Student Enrollment. Click here to go to the Secretary/Office Professionals page. 


8. Other instructional videos you may be interested in: